Toyota Way of Management for Company-wide Operational Improvement

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-Toward significant productivity enhancement and indirect cost reduction in workplaces-

1. Objectives

The quality of Japanese products and the technology of Japanese manufacturing are highly acclaimed in the world, and Toyota Motor Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Japan, manufactures high-quality products at low cost and has strong performance.

Toyota’s production method for making automobiles is known worldwide as the Toyota Production System (TPS), and has helped the company to achieve quality improvement, productivity improvement and reduction of delivery time.

The basic principle of TPS is to create a system and environment securing a complete waste elimination. Productivity and quality can be improved by setting the standard of work, visualizing the state of work, recognizing the difference between the standard and the reality, and continuously reducing the difference every day.

Toyota has applied the TPS concept not only to the production site, but also to the back office departments, and then developed TMS to improve the productivity of white-collar workplaces while reducing indirect costs significantly.

This program will provide with the key knowledge and skills to produce results and to transform your company to better and stronger one, based on the actual management methods what we call, “Toyota way Management System (TMS)”, practiced by Toyota management team and managers of the fields of production site as well as indirect departments of the company (design, production preparation, sale, etc.) in Toyota Motors.

This program mainly deals with TMS, and you will achieve a thorough understanding of TMS, as well as TPS (Toyota Production System) for management in production, and TDS (Toyota Product Development System) for management in design, all of which are the foundation of Toyota’s strength and competitiveness.

Program benefit

  1. You will gain understanding of the essence of Toyota style management to practice TMS in your company. You will be exposed to the idea that work motivation and feeling of accomplishment among workers who practice the Kaizen activities help them to achieve their self-growth and self-actualization as well as to revitalize the workplace. “Revitalizing the workers and the workplace” is the key point to effective and sustainable continual Kaizen activity.
  2. In addition to gaining a wide range of TMS-related knowledge, you will practice how to set the standard of work, visualize your problems and share sense of values, by using TMS Kaizen tool in the workshop, so you can utilize the TMS tool for changing your way of management in practice.
  3. You will learn TMS, which is commonly used in all sections of Toyota Motor Corporation, but also actual techniques and know-hows of Toyota’s effective methods, such as TPS and TDS.
    • – At the TPS seminar, you can master how to practice at work through explanation and exercise of “Own process completion = not passing defective product to post-process” which is adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation as company-wide efforts to change the work system of white collar and the work style.
    • – Toyota maintains its superiority in the automobile industry continuously because it has excellent product development capability to plan and develop efficiently “selling items”.
    • In this program, you can learn the concept of TDS (Toyota Stream Product Development) about the system of design development and structure and management that must be considered for timely development of good selling and matching customer needs.
  4. You will participate in the “Kaizen IT summit in Gifu 2018” to gain hints for introducing practical activities of TMS in your company through studying successful cases of quality and productivity improvement resulting from using TMS.
  5. You will become an administrator promoting the improvement of the workplace utilizing TMS. In order to understand Toyota style management correctly and to acquire the knowledge of use in practice of workplace improvement supported by TMS, you will take an official examination of TMS, grade-4, to be certified by the TMS&TPS Certification Association.

What is TMS?

A company-wide improvement program to transform a management style accustomed to the general enterprise into Toyota’s management style by extracting the basic concept of management from TPS (Toyota Production System) or Toyota’s way of working.

The program is designed so that it refreshes not only the knowledge, but the sense of values of each of you, makes you notice the difference in team member’s sense of value from practices based on principles, makes you feel that you can grow further by changing yourself and your team and radicate the new high-level management by making it a habit.

TMS is a next-generation management standard (framework) that has evolved into the area of white-collar management from TPS-based improvement activities.


2. Program Period : 3rd September (Mon) – 7th September (Fri)

Program Schedule <subject to minor changes>

2-Sep (Sun)Arrive in Japan
3-Sep (Mon)
Toyota Way Management System(TMS) Seminar

- “Toyota Management System (TMS)” to increase organization’s productivity
- Fundamental principal of Toyota management
- Methodology for building corporate culture in a short time.
Toyota Way Management System(TMS) Seminar

- TMS Dojo Introduction
- Example of TMS practical use
 *Cross-organizational activity
 *Concrete example of working way reform
 * Improvement effect by TMS (improvement of productivity, reduction of indirect expenses etc.)
4-Sep (Tue)
Toyota Way Management System(TMS) Seminar

- Management to revitalize the workplace
 *experience KPT(Refrection tool)
Toyota Way Management System(TMS) Seminar

- Make Visual Management Board which can revitalize the workplace
5-Sep (Wed)
Toyota Production System(TPS) Seminer

- How to improve manufacturing process based on TPS (“Own-process completion”)
Toyota Production System(TPS) Seminer

- Exercise:Assembly Line “Own-process completion” of a screw fastening process

Paper test of TMS Certificate for Grade-4
6-Sep (Thu)
Site visit

Toyota Plant Tour & Toyota Kaikan Museum
Toyota Product Development System(TDS) Seminer

- TDS for produce profitable and attractive product.
- Design develop system,structure,management for developing timely selling, profitable products matched
customer needs
7-Sep (Fri)
Kaizen IT Summit In Gifu 2018

- Lecture (previous vice president of Toyota Motor
Corporation etc)

- Success stories of companies that have practiced TMS and lean in Japan and overseas
Kaizen IT Summit In Gifu 2018

- TDS workshop
 How to plan product planning that creates
 "impressed products" that customers are touched beyond the level of satisfying products

Closing Ceremony / Farewell party
8-Sep (Sat)Departure for country

3. Target of Participants:

  • Manager of the Blue- collard or white-collared section like development designer, technical person, office worker, sales business person
  • Those who wish to develop Kaizen leaders that can contribute to a workplace of the white-collared.
  • Those who feel “Investing in human development does not work”, “Too busy to implement Kaizen” and “Kaizen effect does not last long”.

4. Number of participants:

    20 persons from multiple countries
    Note. If we receive less than 15 applications, we may cancel the program.
    Shortly after the deadline (10th August, 2018), you will hear whether or not the program will be organized.

5. Program Language: English


6. Participation Fee: 250,000 JPY

< The above fee covers: >

  1. Accommodation ( Check-in: 2nd September / Check-out: 8th September )
  2. A specified number of meals (Breakfast & Lunch during the program)
  3. Instructional materials, TMS Text book (English ver.)
  4. Interpreters (1 person during the lectures and visit)
  5. Transportation for the program
  6. Travel insurance premiums during the program
  7. Farewell Party (Dinner)
  8. Fee of TMS Grade 4 certification examination
  • NOT including the costs of your international travel between your country and Japan.
  • NOT including Transportation expenses between Chubu International Airport to accommodation (APA HOTEL NAGOYA SAKAE).

7. Program Contents

Day 1 – 2 TMS Seminar

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This seminar first outlines where the energy (vitality) of Toyota Motor Corporation workplace comes from the management point of view. You will know what kind of “human resources” should be developed for vitalizing your organization / corporation, considering how the management should be to grow out of confusing situations. One of the methods that supports the strength of Toyota Motor Corporation is Toyota Production System (TPS). Although adopting the ideas of TPS to the white-collared can be effective for a moment but in most cases it fails to activate the workplace because activities are not maintained well.

Toyota Management Institute (TMG) has inherited principle idea of Toyota’s management by having experienced such cases himself. TMG has studied how to install the system in the white-collared to increase management level.


TMS Management framework at the workplace

By implementing Workplace Revitalization (real management) supported by TMS, each worker will have their own unique ideas, work motivation, sense of accomplishment, all of which improve the vitality of workers and organization. Workplace Revitalization will help create a virtuous cycle that strengthens and improves corporate structure and productivity, while reducing indirect costs.

Lecturer: Mr. Toru Tamano
Executive consultant, Toyota Management Institute

Joined Toyota Motor Co., 1976 and took charge of plant equipment control system development, production engineering and production preparation for automotive electronic units in the Production Engineering division. Involved in production engineering of Toyota’s first inverter for Prius and management of engineering of the engine factory. Served as a director of production technology, head of engineering, head of plant in the domestic factory and local corporation president of a plant overseas. Specialized in “Total Optimization” including unit process planning, production management, safety, environment, cost, human resources, quality improvement and personal training. In recent years, became a senior executive officer and adviser to Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. In 2016 appointed as an executive consultant at Toyoda Engineering Co., Ltd. and Toyota Management Institute.


Day 3 TPS Seminar

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<How to improve manufacturing process based on TPS (“Own-process completion”)>

Toyota Motor has been focusing on complete waste elimination and “Built-in Quality” by “Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing” and “Automation”.

In the lecture, the participants will be explained how Toyota implements “Own-process completion”, the way not to pass defective items to the next process, and Toyota’s philosophy of manufacturing.

<Exercise: Assembly Line – “Own-process completion” of a screw fastening process>

The participants will be able to have a first-hand experience of “Own-process completion” by taking a joint screw fastening process which can be found often in any kind of product as an example.

NOTE: The idea of “Own-process completion” can be shared not only by manufacturing sector (direct departments) but also by indirect departments. Since the exercise is easy to understand for the persons from indirect departments, we expect your active participation.


Day 4 A.M. Toyota Plant Tour / Toyota Kaikan Museum

Toyota Motor Company is the world largest car manufacturer. They became the first carmaker to produce more than 11 million cars in a year.

They have nurtured an industrial climate of getting rid of waste as much as possible and kept on making improve through many years and grown to be one of the representative Japanese industries. This tour will help you understand their success secrets.


Day 4 P.M. Toyota Product Development System(TDS) Seminar

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In addition to TPS (Toyota Production System), there is TDS (Toyota Stream Product Development) as another strength of Toyota.Toyota maintains its superiority in the automobile industry continuously because it has excellent product development capability to plan and develop efficiently “selling items”. In this course, we will explain the system of design development and structure, management method, which must be considered for timely development of goods selling and profitable matched to customer needs based on the concept of TDS.


Lecturer: Mr. Kimikazu Nakamura
Vice President (Senior Consultant), Toyota Engineering Cooperation

Joined Toyota Motor Co., Ltd in 1973, had involved with designing and developing body structures and outfitting parts for about 17 years in the body design Division. Engaged in improving the performance and quality of local domestic parts as a director in research and development at Toyota’s manufacturing company in Taiwan, further establishing R & D center, training local engineers, designing and developing body design for localization.

As a president of a joint venture company of Hayashi Telempu.Co., Ltd., in Guangzhou China in 2006, overall management of finance, sales, purchasing, technology, manufacturing, etc., to expand business and contribute to local human resource development. As a vice president (senior consultant) of Toyota Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2015, in charge of guidance mainly on TDS (Toyota Design Development), and instructing improvement of the structure of design development and cost reduction activities both in Japan and overseas

Day 5 Kaizen IT Seminar 2018

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●Program Outline:
Specialists talk about Toyota’s way of Human resouse development

Mr. Tadaaki Jagawa

  • Chairman, Association for Support of Ecconomic Sustainable Development for 21st Centur
  • Served executive Vice President, Senior Adviser of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Served chairman of Hino Motors, Ltd.

TMS activity report (For whom in progress of Work-style Reform)

The activity reports about the radical work-style reform of organization from some companies in Japan and other countries)


  • How to plan product planning that creates “impressed products” that customers are touched beyond the level of satisfying products
  • Excercise:-Experience product planning Experience product planning work by taking concrete products around you as an example.
    -Clarify the necessary elements,and put together a new product image in order to make good products to sell.


8. Venue/Accommodation




9. Procedures from Application to Implementation:

  1. A person who considers participation in the program will submit an application to your local AOTS Alumni Society. If you don’t know the contact information of your local Alumni Society, please contact AOTS Research Institute.
  2. Participants make payment to your local AOTS Alumni Society.
  3. The application will be completed only after AOTS confirm the receipt of the participation fee.
  4. AOTS will send an invitation letter through your local AOTS Alumni Society.
    Please submit the following documents (original) to your local AOTS Alumni Society or .

    1. Application Form (Attachment 1-2)
    2. Medical Check Sheet (Attachment 1-3)
    3. Overseas Travel Insurance Procedure and Consent Form (Attachment 1-4)
    4. About the Handling of Personal Information Concerning Participants (Attachment 1-5)
    5. Photocopy of passport, an election card, a driver’s license or any other identification document issued by a public organization in the applicant’s country containing, in Roman letters, the applicant’s name in full, a photo of the applicant and his/her date of birth
    6. 1 copy of a photo (PDF or JPEG File)

10. Closing Date of Application for Participation: 10th August 2018


11. Cancellation policy

Applicant who cancels application will be charged for a cancellation fee which the amount is set as below.

・Before or by 10th August : 0% of participation fee
・11th August ~ 19th August : 50% of participation fee
・On 20th August and after : 100% of participation fee

12. Contact for Submission of Application

A person who considers participation in the program will contact and submit an application to your local AOTS Alumni Society.

If you don’t know the contact information of your local Alumni Society, please contact AOTS Research Institute (

13. Program Organizer: AOTS Research Institute

  • Business Promotion Group, AOTS Research InstituteThe Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS)
  • Address: 30-1, Senju-azuma 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8534, Japan
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