Healthcare Industry in Japan

Learning from Japan with the world’s largest aging society

In Japan, the proportion of the population over the age of 65 to the total population is 25% or more, and the aging rate is the world’s largest. Since 1970 when Japan became an aging society for the first time, the service structure of medical and nursing care has steadily been improved step by step.

In some countries such as Thailand, India, Indonesia, China and Singapore, it is predicted that aging will proceed at a higher speed than Japan in the near future.

Toward the coming of an aging society in the world, we do plan the business study program of the Healthcare Industry for learning about various efforts and actions in Japan, knowing its services and products, so that it will be the opportunity for finding new business and expanding your business in your home country.

1. Points of the Program: 4 or 2 day’s Intensive Program

  • Lectures by experienced experts:
    Basic Leaning about “Outline of Japan’s Healthcare Industry and future prospects in emerging countries”, “Necessary strategies to advance into Japan’s Healthcare Industry business”, etc.
  • Noriko Matsumoto’s Bio
    • Born in Montreal, Canada.
    • Government-certified management consultant.
    • 10 years experience in nursing care business,mainly in human resource section.
    • Have solid track records in helping start-ups.

  • Business Networking Event and Business Opportunity at the Exhibition Visit:
    Connection with the Japanese corporations related to the Healthcare Industry for the future business exchanges by visiting the biggest exhibition in Japan, ‘Tokyo Care WEEK 2018’* and attending a networking event which is hosted by ARI in cooperation with the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI).
    • *Tokyo Care WEEK 2018
    • Asia’s leading Trade Show in Healthcare Industry
    • Access to rapidly growing Japanese market
    • Abundant chance for New business

  • Japanese Nursing care facility and Hospital or Healthcare Center Visit:
    Visiting few sites nearby Tokyo to learn about their facilities.
  • Choose the program period:
    For a busy business person, we are open to organize the 2 days program only for the first 5 applicants.

2. Target of Participants

  • Industry : Healthcare/ Hospital/ Medical care/ Education for care person/ distribution sector and Developer
  • Positions: Corporate Executive or Middle to Senior managers

3. Program Period:

  1. 4 DAYS: 12 March 15 March 2018
    Note. 11 March (Arrival in Japan) ~ 16 March (Departure)
  2. 2 DAYS: 13 March 14 March 2018
    Note. 12 March (Arrival in Japan) ~ 15 March (Departure)

4. Venues:

  • Lectures and Accommodation(Tentative)
    Koyo Square, Yokohama Training Center, 1-5-1 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, Japan, 236-0004
  • Exhibition
    Visit to “Tokyo Care WEEK 2018” in Tokyo Big Sight:
    3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan

5. Number of participants:

  • 16-20 persons from multiple countries
  • Note. If we receive less than 16 applications, we may cancel the program.
  • Shortly after the deadline (9th February (Fri), 2018), you will hear whether or not the program will be organized.

6. Language:

  • English or Japanese with translation into English.
  • The lecture/visits documents will be prepared in English.

7. Participation Fee:

  • 235,000 JPY for 4 Day’s Program
  • 155,000 JPY for 2 Day’s Program *The first 5 applicants will be eligible for admission.
  • < The above fee covers: >
    1. Accommodation at Yokohama
    2. A specified number of meals
      (4 Day’s Program: Breakfast 5 Days, Lunch 4 Days)
      (2 Day’s Program: Breakfast 3 Days, Lunch 2 Days)
    3. Instructional materials, Text book (English ver.)
    4. Interpreters (1 person during the lectures and visit)
    5. Fees for Domestic transportation related to program implementation
    6. Travel insurance premiums during the program
    7. Admission Fee for the exhibition
  • NOT including the costs of your international travel between your country and Japan.
  • NOT including Transportation expenses between International Airport in Japan to the program venue.

8. Tentative Schedule:

B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner

Date 4 Day's2 Day'sAM 9:00-12:00PM 13:30-16:30BLD
12-MarMon*Orientation/Opening Ceremony

Lecture1:Outline of Japan's Healthcare Industry and future prospects in emerging countries
 -Current situation in Japan of "super aging society"
 -The past, present and future of the Health Care Industry
 -Business collaboration between emerging countries and Japan
Lecture2: Frontiers of IT in medical, health and nursing care
 -Current situation of IoT, AI, mobile health, robot technology, wearable equipment etc
 -Future possibilities of IT technology in the Health Care Industry

Lecture3: Concept of preventive care

 -Needs for prevention in the aging society
 -What is the tool for prevention? What is the Health checkup?
 -What is a Medical Tourism?
13-MarTue**Lecture4:Necessary strategies to advance into Japan's Healthcare Industry business
 -Understanding global strategy of Japanese health care companies
 -Approach for business tie-ups and collaboration with Japanese companies
 -Do's and Don'ts to enter the Japanese market
Business Networking Event:
 -Business card exchange, brief introduction from each company, mutual information exchange etc.

*In cooperation with the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)
14-MarWed**Visit1: Tokyo Care WEEK 2018 @Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
  ~Comprehensive trade show to enrich super-aged societies in Japan and Asia~
15-MarThu*Visit2: Nursing care facility nearby Tokyo
 -The site of Japanese nursing care service
Visit3: Hospital/Healthcare Center
 -Example of a hospital implementing Health checkup for foreigners
 -The site of medical service in Japan

Closing Ceremony
16-MarFriDeparture to your country*

9. Procedures from Application to Implementation:

  1. A person who considers participation in the program will submit an application to the Alumni Association.
    *If you dont know the contact information of your local Alumni Society, please contact AOTS Research Institute (
  2. Participants make payment to the Alumni Association.
  3. The application will be completed only after AOTS confirm the receipt of the participation fee.
  4. AOTS will send an invitation letter through the Alumni Association.
    Please submit the following documents (original) to Alumni of your country.

    1. Application Form (Attachment 1-3)
    2. Medical Check Sheet (Attachment 1-4)
    3. Overseas Travel Insurance Procedure and Consent Form (Attachment 1-5)
    4. About the Handling of Personal Information Concerning Participants (Attachment 1-6)
    5. Photocopy of passport, an election card, a driver’s license or any other identification document issued by a public organization in the applicant’s country containing, in Roman letters, the applicant’s name in full, a photo of the applicant and his/her date of birth
    6. 1 copy of a photo (4 cm×3 cm) (Please write down the applicant’s name on the back.)

10. Schedule of Application:

  • By 9th February (Fri), 2018: Application needs to be submitted to the Alumni Society or AOTS.
  • *If we don’t receive enough number of expressions or applications, we may cancel the program.

11. Payment & Cancellation Policy:

  • Payment
    • For the Applicants:
      All applicants will be requested to pay the participation fee to the Alumni Society before the date set by the respective AOTS Alumni Society.

      For the AOTS Alumni Society:
      Please collect the participation fee from participants from your region and transfer to AOTS by 16th February 2018.

  • Cancellation policy
    • Applicant who cancels application will be charged for a cancellation fee which the amount is set as below.

      ・Before or by 9 February : 0% of participation fee
      ・10 February ~ 26 February : 50% of participation fee
      ・On 27 February and after : 100% of participation fee

12. Contact for Submission of Application

  • A person who considers participation in the program will contact and submit an application to your local AOTS Alumni Society.
  • If you don’t know the contact information of your local Alumni Society, please contact AOTS Research Institute (

13. Program Organizer: AOTS Research Institute

  • Business Promotion Group, AOTS Research InstituteThe Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS)
  • Address: 30-1, Senju-azuma 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8534, Japan
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 81-3-3888-8215, Fax: 81-3-3888-8242